FWY-888 汽車馬力加速器   

FWY-888  The Product for Engine Turbo More Power
You can feel the 3 great characteristics and save more fuel after installation: 
1.) The satisfaction of increasing the gorse power of the engine. 
2.) Much more keen of the braking ability. 
3.) The gasoline charge will save about 10~15%
1.) The horse power of the engine will become stronger and more powerful than before by achieving the 100% burning
efficiency and increasing the compressibility. 
2.) Special installation mode applied. No adjusting of the air sensor in the computerized car needed. This product is
available for all knid of gasoline car. 
3.) It can efficiently decrease the output of the wasted air. Much more than this, it passes beyond the third-period
environment protection standard. 
4.) Stable electricity generating and charging ability. The life of the computer in car can be extended


FWY-888 環保省油加速器
安裝後能立即感受以下三大特點, 同時更加省油:  
1.) 馬力提昇之快感(中速度轉高速度昇速度快)
2.) 剎車系統更加靈敏    
3.) 可節省加油費用約10~15%
1.) 增進容積燃燒效率, 提高原有壓縮比率, 達到汽油100%燃燒, 讓引擎馬力更加強勁有力 
2.) 特殊安裝方式, 不需干擾電腦車進氣感應, 任何汽油車種皆可安裝  
3.) 有效降低廢氣排放,
4.) 穩定發電及充電, 保護車內電腦壽命